Dryer & Furnace Blower

Dryer & Furnace Blower

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In a furnace the re-circulation of products of combustion can substantially contribute to the speed of heating and temperature uniformity. For low temperature ovens and dryers, suitable re-circulating fans are generally provided to achieve temperature uniformity.

Dadhivala maintains strict quality procedure in design, manufacturing and testing. The centrifugal fan is the heart of any thermal system. If the Fan does not deliver required pressure and volume then the combustion is incomplete. This will cause un-burnt fuel particles to escape along with flue gas. The consequence will be enhanced pollution and increase in operating cost of the plant.Dadhivala designs and manufactures fans for wide range of pressure, direction of discharge and power to suit customer requirement. Many of the blowers in varying capacities are available in standard specifications. However, Dadhivala specializes in offering one-off tailor made designs as well to suit customer specifications.

Fans are manufactured with different impeller configuration as per application.


Dadhivala offers the dryer Furnace works as a closed chamber with circulation heat in it. The waste Heat of Furnace is also circulated to the above Dryer through a 25000 CFM Blower to maintain the heat of dryer around 120*C approx which heated up the pipe upto 100*C which is required for Drying the Pipe after Pickling.

According to the required production the AC Frequency Motor is also fitted in this dryer attached to the Conveyer chain arrangement, which varies its speed according to the requirement of the Zinc Cattle.