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Galvanizing Plant

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As we know galvanization process of tubes is 150 years old process but in this mean time , a little difference occur in this whole process to in increase the quality of hot dip galvanizing.

  • In tube galvanizing it has certain steps which constitutes the whole process of hot dip.
  • The pipe should be treated by caustic soda (Caustic Cleaning) in Decreasing tank.
  • Than it comes to pickling section where pipe is treated by acid to remove unwanted dust and impurities from the pipe.
  • Than after a fresh water wash pipe goes for flux process which is use full before galvanizing process.
  • After fluxing the pipe gets wet and to dry it , it undergoes through a dryer.
  • Than it dip hot into the zinc kettle.
  • Last process is the quenching of pipes.

Basically Tube galvanization is a combined process and moves step by step with determined time intervals for getting accurate zinc coating on the steel tube.